Book Review: The Perfect Girlfriend


Author: Karen Hamilton

To be Published: March 8th 2018

Rating: ★★★★☆ (3.5/5)

Date Read: February 17-25 2018

*An advance reader’s copy was provided by Ms. Becky Hunter, Publicist, in exchange for an honest review.



head1Ever since that day, my mind excels at taking me to safe places, whenever I need it most… 

Juliette’s dreams of a ‘happily ever after’ are shattered when she is dumped by her pilot boyfriend, Nate. So she vows to win him back, no matter the cost. Adopting a new persona and securing a position as a flight attendant with Nate’s airline are only the first steps in her master plan.

As she becomes increasingly fixated with her mission, Juliette reveals the pathological steps one woman will take to get exactly what she wants.

head2“If you love them, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t, make them.”

Juliette got dumped by her ex-boyfriend Nate; but to her, they are meant to be as she is the ‘perfect girlfriend.’ She did every thing she can to make him come back to her, she is unstoppable and persistent.

This is a well-written debut! Though, unlike other psychological thriller, its plot twists isn’t the petrifying kind that would make you want to stop reading to catch your breath. While reading this, I found myself waiting for Juliette’s next move, and every move surprised me because I didn’t expect for her to do such things but, yeah, it’s Juliette’s character, she’s genius and fearless. From the prologue, and as you go through the chapters, you’ll discover what Juliette went through to become like that.

Another thing that I love on this book is Juliette’s job as a flight attendant, and how it gave its readers a background on the lives of flight attendants. (Fun Fact: The author, Karen Hamilton, worked as a flight attendant before settling down with her family)

If you enjoy psychological thriller and stories on obsession, I recommend to you this book! It’s like Caroline Kepnes’ YOU, but the female version. 😉



PS: Apologies if this review isn’t a good one, I’ve been on a reading slump and a reviewing slump (if such thing exists). I miss you all ❤️

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