Book Review: Throwing Rules to the Wind


Author: Thessa Lim

Published: November 17th 2017

Rating: ★★★★☆

Date Read: November 14-18, 2017

*A digital copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


head1A complicated office romance is not what scrupulous travel writer Zara Castillo has planned for, especially not when her career is finally taking off, but her easygoing colleague Matthew Villanueva is everything she wants in a man. When their relationship is tested by distance, issues she thought she had long buried emerge once again. Zara delves into her past in a quest for answers. Now she must face her demons or lose the love of her life.

With trips to tropical islands boasting beaches, rolling hills, and windmills, Throwing Rules to the Wind explores the lights and shades of seeking closure, forgiveness, and love.


“You push my boundaries all the time, but there’s a sureness–a constancy about you that draws me in. I’m treading carefully, but you make me want to go full speed ahead.”

When I read on the blurb that this is an ‘office romance’ I thought it would revolve around the whole office flirting and hiding their relationship, but I was wrong. 😳 Family issues, friendship, past relationships, and conquering insecurities were also given a spotlight on this one and I like that. It’s actually a quick read but you’ll learn a lot and it’ll take you to different places in the Philippines. Filipino culture is incorporated most of the time and it’s good.

Zara is a writer for a travel magazine, she has a lot of issues due to things that happened in the past. She is gets annoying at times because those issues hinder her to be fully happy, but we can’t blame her. I feel Zara because my past also built a thick wall of insecurities and fears that hinders me from being my full self. That’s why I enjoyed reading her journey, I love that she learned and took the courage to confront her past. Matt, Zara’s colleague and also a writer, is a sweet guy! He’s willing to do everything for their relationship to work. He’s the kind of guy most women want!!!

All in all, I love everything in this book. I might get annoyed on some parts, but the good things on this and the lessons I learned were enough. 💗 If you’re into sweet romance, you should definitely read Throwing Rules to the Wind.


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