Unboxing: Marauder’s Dispatch Dazed & Confused Box

Time to share my unboxing of Marauder’s Dispatch Dazed & Confused Box! Marauder’s Dispatch is a Philippine-based book box, and Dazed & Confused is their October theme. I’ve been wanting to buy a book box, especially from them, since then. But when I felt like this box will include a new release from my favorite author, I purchased it right away!

Watch my stop motion unboxing below which was inspired by Marshal of The Bookish Howler. [Click here to watch hers on her IG]

Hope you enjoy the video, and I promise it’ll be better next time. 😉


The theme card which looks dazing (in a good way)




OH BTW, MARAUDER’S DISPATCH PARTNERED WITH #ROMANCECLASS! They will be including a brochure like the one above about a Filipino romance  author who is part of the #romanceclass community as well as new her book. For this month, they featured Ms. Clarisse David and the 2nd book of I Heart Iloilo series. I actually have read and reviewed the first book of this series and another book by Ms. Clarisse. [Review here]

[If you do not know what #romanceclass is, it’s a community of Filipino romance authors. Click here to know more about #romanceclass]


TADAAHHHH! Without Merit by Colleen Hoover! I KNEW IT! 💗 It came with the Marauder’s Dispatch drawstring pouch.




2 CoHo Inspired Magnetic bookmarks by Marauder’s Dispatch and Slammed quote pouch also by Marauder’s Dispatch, design by DecafBooks.


Another CoHo inspired item! A pillow case with a Maybe Someday quote by Bagsmash.




The other items were Not all who wander are lost steel water bottle, Dazing Blend Tea, and a cute unicorn marionette. There is also a hand-painted name card.


There’s also this cute little pin with Daze and Confused on it. 💙


So here’s my full unboxing photo!

I love everything in this box! This is the first book box that I bought and it was worth it. 💓 I will definitely subscribe to them again!


Visit Marauder’s Dispatch on these platforms:

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5 thoughts on “Unboxing: Marauder’s Dispatch Dazed & Confused Box

  1. Lara @ Words With Lara says:

    I love reading bookish subscription box unboxing’s! They’re always so much fun to read. I haven’t heard of this box, but I’m looking at one to get next so I may have to give it a go! The only one I’ve ever got is OwlCrate which was definitely worth it, there was so much in there…


    • MISH says:

      Me too! May it be videos or photos, they are so exciting 💓 Yay! Check them out, the box is so worth it. I need to try OwlCrate! But the shipping to the Philippines’ too costly.


  2. Marta says:

    Lovely post, I haven’t heard of this box before, but it has sooo many bookish goodies, wow! ❤ It's lovely and your photos are so great. I love the unicorn so much and the not all who wander are lost water bottle, they are all so cute!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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