Event Recap: Jenny and Siobhan In PH

The previous week has been very satisfying for my bookish heart because of the 38th Manila International Book Fair, also known as #MIBF2017, and Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian’s Book Signing Event.

I went to the book fair on its first day to avoid the crowd and was able to buy 7 books. If you wanna see my haul, better check my bookstagram and follow me there because I haven’t posted my haul yet. Sadly, I won’t be able to write a blog post about that because I wasn’t able to take good photos.

On Saturday, September 16, I attended #JennyAndSiobhanInPH at SM Megamall. It is the second leg of their signing here in the Philippines, the first one’s in Cebu and the third was at MIBF. We chose to attend at the Megamall signing because we felt that there will be lesser crowd, and we were right. I woke up at 3 am because Tin of The Book Maiden and I agreed to met there and line up at 5 am. When I arrived there, there were already 20+ people in line and I believe some camped out. The line and crowd was so organized because there were event securities so there we no line saving.




The event started at almost 3 pm because Jenny and Siobhan got stuck in traffic. 😅 I got starstruck with both Jenny and Siobhan! The Q & A portion started immediately. And guyyyys, I love their friendship!! I wish I have a friend like Jenny and Siobhan.



Signing time! Most of us were quite disappointed with the photos… Just look at it these.. But still, I am glad that I met them! I wasn’t able to say anything to Jenny because I don’t know, maybe I’m still in shock? 😂  Good thing I gathered myself when it’s my turn for Siobhan. They both approached me like, ‘Is it Mish?’ OMG THEY SAID MY NAME 😢 💗

I had them signed 3 books each! One personalized by Jenny, and 3 by Siobhan. ❤️ Tbh, I haven’t read the Burn for Burn trilogy yet but I am really excited to read it because of the mystery vibes it has.

I really had an amazing experience. I am so happy that I got to meet the author that introduced us to Lara Jean’s world and who created one of the most loved male character, Peter Kavinsky. I am also happy to have met Siobhan! She’s super cool. 💗

Thank you National Bookstore for bringing Jenny Han and Siobhan here! Thank you to Jenny and Siobhan for visiting us here in the Philippines. And of course, thank you to Tin of The Book Maiden for being my signing buddy! 😘



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