Book Merch: Angele Illustrate

I’ve been chosen to be one of Angele Illustrate‘s reps, and I am so happy to be working with them. They sell different character bookmarks as well as quote. They accept custom orders, and also bulk for book boxes! Btw, they ship internationally!

The bookmarks were created by the owner herself, printed on high quality and then magnetic pads were attached.

FullSizeRender 4

I chose FEYRE, RHYSAND, and an ACOMAF quote bookmark because I am loving the ACOTAR series. ❤️


The other two I picked are HARRY and LUNA! ⚡ I recently got addicted to the series, so yeah.


They are all so pretty and cute!! If you’re planning to buy a magnetic bookmark, buy from Angele Illustrate, use my code ‘BIBLIOMISH5‘ for 5% off on your purchase (Valid on their Instagram shop only).  They also have Throne of Glass, Mortal Instruments, Lunar Chronicles characters, and more!





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