Book Merch: The Candlelit Shelf

I’ve been wanting to buy scented bookish candles since last year but I didn’t because said candles are only available abroad and shipping is too costly. It would be like you bought two candles. That’s why I am so happy when local shops for scented bookish candles opened, and one of them is The Candlelit Shelf!

What I bought is a Feyre candle with glitter in a tin can. (I wasn’t aware that what I bought is only 40 grams so I was surprised that it is small like that. Silly me. 😂 ) I only spent a total of Php 360 (Php 250 + Php 110 shipping fee) or US $ 7.2. I received it after a week because it is made to order. But the waiting is worth it, trust me!

The candle is rose scented. Upon opening the can, I immediately smelled the scent! I LOVED IT! There is also burning instructions at the bottom of the can. I am planning to buy again soon.






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