Blog Tour: Summer Crush


Author: Six Delos Reyes, Tara Frejas, Jay E. Tria

Published: April 7th 2017

Rating: ★★★★☆ (3.5)

Date Read: May 10-11th 2017

Buy a copy:  Amazon | Paperback (via Tara Frejas) | Paperback (via Jay E. Tria)

*I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



When life, love, and rock and roll come together on the sandy beaches of La Union for music festival Summer Crush, expect nothing less than the crashing of lips, bodies, and waves against the shore, against each other, and against your soul.

Allow these three tales of love to take you away for an unforgettable weekend.

Ana’s life as a corporate warrior, graduate student, and girlfriend to indie rock band boy Miki starts to spin out of control, and she wonders if it is love that has to give. (You Only Need Reminding, Jay E. Tria)

Newly reinstated EG Project roadie Filipina Legaspi flies with her band back to the Philippines for Summer Crush, unaware of the emotional waves that engulf her when she sets foot in the beaches of San Juan, La Union. (Almost There, Tara Frejas)

Rhys has three problems: Arabella, the theme song with the Trainguy, and singing live for the first time—and now also on that list is Isaiah, sea-sweet Mango Rum kisses, and long overdue decisions she’s intent on avoiding. (Ocean Eyes, Six de los Reyes)


Ahhhhhhh, the beach life that I am longing for! And these three authors gave it to me. Though I am not into parties. 🙈  I love how the authors wrote such realistic summer festival, and I sometimes wonder if they got it from a real festival, then I saw on their post that they visited La Union.

I like this book and all the summery and kilig feels! I love the lyrics of the songs. No annoying characters, and I like the humor! Those occasional appearance of the ‘Tropical Hot Condoms’ promo man is so funny.  What made me not rate this book 5 stars is because the transition from yesterday to present, present to yesterday somewhat confused me. But I managed to understand the story.

gfx-yonrlyrics.pngYou Only Need Reminding by Jay E. Tria

This is my favorite among the three. Why? Because they seem like a perfect couple! Ana is a stressed corporate girl, studying masters. And Miki is her understanding rockstar boyfriend. They are not like the usual simple girl + famous boyfriend scenario, seems like they trust and understand each other, and knows that after a loooong day they will still come to each other’s embrace.


♦ Almost There by Tara Frejasgfx-atlyrics.png

Fan of a love triangle? This one’s for you.

Filipina Legaspi is the road manager of the East Genesis Project, Gabe is the deputy PR manager of Amethyst Entertainment, and Jo Yihwan the band leader of EGP. This showed a hide-and-seek of feelings of the characters. But this story hurt my feelings. *pouts*




♦ Ocean Eyes by Six Delos Reyes 

This is the most complicated love story in this anthology. Rhys Yalung, Little Miss Boss, a solo act who produced EDM, has a long distance boyfriend but Isaiah’s been the one by her side. Rhys must make the decision that will gave her heart freedom. 💘







Recommended Reading 

(Which I am guilty of cos I haven’t read them)

Because Summer Crush melds three fictional universes together, we recommend you read the following books for more information about the characters and their relationship dynamics. Do note that this is recommended, not required.

Songs to Get Over You by Jay E. Tria

Scandalized by Tara Frejas

Just for the Record by Six Delos Reyes



4 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Summer Crush

  1. Micca says:

    Perfect for summer! Its been a looong time since I’ve read books written by Filipino authors 🙈 I hope I’ll find a chance to read this. It sounds good. 💙 Great review, anyways! 😉


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