Unboxing: The Bookworm Box

The first ever book box that I received!!! And it happened to be from my favorite author’s bookstore. 💜  Thank you so much Colleen Hoover and The Bookworm Box team for this giveaway prize! You made my bookworm heart ecstatic.

What I got is the August 2016 box, but I was supposed to receive the July box since I won that month. Unfortunately, the box never came so I told them, and they replied that they will just send me another box! OMG. The box arrived in the Philippines in 3 weeks.

Sorry, I’m no vlogger. Hahaha!

The Bookworm Box merch that I got were the pen and a bottle opener. The paper book swags that were included are:

  • Seven by Susan Renee front and back cover
  • Singed Wings Concert Tour by Erin Noelle bookmark
  • Run Away Charlotte by H.M. Sander mini bookmark
  • When the Mission Ends Trilogy by Christi Snow bookmark

Then Erick Baker’s album, Dear Amanda, was also included along with a paper card about him. And the SIGNED books I got? Love in Rewing by Tali Alexander and It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover!!! 💓💓💓


I looooove the contents of this box! 😍  I really want to order subscription boxes but the shipping fee to the Philippines is gold… Plus we pay a storage fee to claim packages. Nevertheless, I still love bookmails! ❤



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