August Wrap-Up

It has been a long time since I posted a wrap-up. I don’t know why I stopped doing wrap-ups, but maybe because of reading slumps.


So I have read a total of 6 books in August! WHAT??!??! Yayyyyy!! It feels good to be able to read this many after months of reading slump. Most of them are ebooks sent to me by their respective authors.

Click the books’ name for my review. 🙂

My favorite of them all is It Ends With Us and it is followed by Closer. I’m now being more interested with Mystery and Thriller books.

How about you? How many books have you read and what are they? Cheers to a new month! ❤



4 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up

  1. breeza79 says:

    Hi Mish, great blog! There’s definitely a few books i want to read now after sussing some of your posts:) I’m currently reading Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway- Susan Jeffers. Which i am only 1/2 way through and already loving. Im just starting a blog that i am trying to get up and running so suss it out-



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