Author: Emerald O’Brien

Published: 2016

Rating: ★★★★★

Date Read: August 7-8, 2016

*The author gave me a free copy of this novel as a gift, but it doesn’t affect my opinion.



Chloe Forrester has planned her life out perfectly. Newly engaged to her adoring boyfriend, Harrison Scott, she finally feels as if the pieces of her life are coming together. But when Paxton Potter, a man with a grudge against her fiance, accuses him of betrayal, Chloe’s trust in Harrison starts to waver.

After a young woman’s body is found, a dangerous and unlikely connection is formed between Chloe and Paxton. With each dark secret uncovered, Chloe has a choice- turn a blind eye or dig deeper. But in order to understand something or someone, you have to look closer.

Each decision she makes has a consequence, as new truths are revealed about her enemies and the people she loves. With Chloe’s future dangling by a thread, she must be ready to sever ties to the life she thought she knew in order to survive.


“The truth would change their lives, but it was the absence of truth had changed hers.”
OH. MY. GOD. This novel is very very intense that it made me so confused and anxious while reading. I kept guessing and guessing (or maybe I gave up too?? Haha) on who might be the murderer. I like the plot, the characters, and the mind-blowing twist. It is fast paced, or maybe because I just enjoyed reading and got so immersed.
At first I thought I can predict what will happen next but I was wrong. The author really did a great job in keeping from its readers the truth which I think no one ever guessed…



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