Book Review: The Missing (ARC)

themissingTitle: The Missing

Author: Melanie Florence

Publishing Date: September 1, 2016 by James Lorimer & Company

Rating: ★★★★

Date Read: February 2-4, 2016

*I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

head1After a girl she knows from school goes missing and is found dead in the Red River, Feather is shocked when the police write it off as a suicide. Then, it’s Feather’s best friend, Mia, who vanishes — but Mia’s mom and abusive stepfather paint Mia as a frequent runaway, so the authorities won’t investigate her disappearance either. Everyone knows that Native girls are disappearing and being killed, but no one is connecting the dots.

When Feather’s brother Kiowa is arrested under suspicion of Mia’s abduction, Feather knows she has to clear his name. What Feather doesn’t know is that the young serial killer who has taken Mia has become obsessed with Feather, and her investigation is leading her into terrible danger.

Using as its background the ongoing circumstance of unsolved cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women, this fictional thriller set in Winnipeg explores one teenager’s response to a system that has long denied and misrepresented the problem.

head2This book deserves four stars! It’s a young adult-mystery novel, and it is written well. It has short chapters and it is fast paced too so it wouldn’t bore you or leave you hanging. Also, the point of view of the mystery abductor will make you more curious.

I also like the characters, they are not so annoying and not so useless. It just makes me wonder why Feather’s parents do not have much appearance in the story, especially she’s a minor.

It’s also good that it tackled the issue of racism. I hope that many people will be able to read this especially those in Canada and USA.


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