Yes, I am a Book Nerd.

I’ve been into books, okay scratch that. I’ve been crazyyyyyy for books and reading last year. I love reading since I was in grade school but not that much, I just occasionally read. But now? It has become one of my priorities. I don’t know but it’s a very great way to spend time with. I also enhanced my English grammar because of reading and it goes on and on. It’s  learning hobby and passion for me.

Books let me in into a different world, so I get to live in different lives and places. It’s like I am travelling just by holding a book. It brings me to places that I dream to visit someday.


My love for books pushed me to create a Bookstagram, and it made me more and more addicted to reading and attracted to books. Eventually, it made me create this blog. These two accounts, plus my Goodreads, is my way on sharing the books I read and insights, and if I like the book I will really say things and show other people that they need to read it.




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