BOOK REVIEW: Oleah Chronicles: TRUTH


Book: Oleah Chronicles: Truth

Author: Michelle Johnson

Rating: ★★★★ (3.8stars)

Read: October 22-13, 2015

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review




head1Angel Seriki does not know the TRUTH about her past and where her family came from. Well, they are Oleahs. An Oleah is a half human and half lion, and they left their world because Sindrell (the villain) wants to get Angel. She and her parents are living a peaceful life in Earth after they left their real world which is Uforika. Then there comes Zander, a handsome and hot boy who Angel meets. He is so mysterious, but his real persona will soon be revealed.
head2This is the first YA contemporary-fantasy book that I have read because I am really not into that kind of genre. But you know what? I like this book! The fact that this is as debut novel, it was a good one.

The mythical characters are also unique! I’ve never read and heard of a creature who is half lion. She really do have a wide imagination. And the characters are easy to relate with.

I like how the Truth were revealed to Angel, and how she coped up with it. She did not reacted like a brat.

All in all, the book is really good! It made me turn more pages until I finish it. (I read it for many days because I was busy at school.) It intrigued me all the way especially when I sense something about Zander. And as a fantasy book, it is not complicated like the others. The details and happenings are easy to understand especially for readers who are not fond of fantasy.

I recommend this book to people who, like me, do not like fantasy books but like contemporary. They’ll surely like and love it like I do. ❤

This is the first book of the series and I’ll surely love to read the next book! Keep it up author Michelle Johnson! 🙂


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